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It is not everyday that one has the opportunity of purchasing a unit in the Palm Garden Retreat. This superb multi-storey sectional title complex is located just off Regent Road in a quiet position yet in the heart of cosmopolitan Sea Point and is just a stroll away from the Beachfront Promenade. The development is on three quarter´s of an acre [3728 square meters] and has a spectacular palm fringed garden complete with lawns, gardens as well as a heated swimming pool − in a word, the property is unique.

The facilities which are on offer here include everything from 24 hour security to a comfortable lounge, air-conditioned games room, exceptional dining room with a large modern kitchen, a receptionist which is manned 24 hours a day, a gymnasium, a mini-theatre complete with a large TV screen, not forgetting the fully equipped 8 bed (single private suites) care centre at the rear of the building where a separate private Doctor´s and ambulance entrance is provided.

This is also a registered care facility − which is manned by our own fully trained sisters and nurses who are on duty around the clock − and they, including our professionally trained caregivers, are also able to visit one in one´s own apartment. Such are the facilities here that Palm Garden Retreat can unashamedly boast of offering the very best in retirement living, enabling one to enjoy complete peace of mind from living independently yet having the backup of competent nurses being immediately available whenever the need arises.

Various size apartments come up for resale from time time. These range from studios of 30 square meters, one bedroom apartments from 52 square meters and two bedroom apartments from 79 square metres.

Palm Garden Retreat is not a life-right scheme. One owns the unit and the levies one pays have been carefully structured to ensure they don´t become perpetual headaches. Being re-sales of units, one should remember that all Purchase Prices quoted do not include VAT and transfer duty must be added to them.

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